Your Personal Leadership Style Means Business: Where Do You Want to Go and How will You Get There WEEK 7 Discussion

To prepare for this Shared Practice, use the Action Plan Worksheet provided at the end of the interactive media piece Action Plan from your Learning Resources. Your post for the Shared Practice should be in the range of 35 coherent paragraphs and should cohesively present your action plan to achieve your goal.
Use the Action Plan Worksheet from the interactive media piece to:
Draft your goal and state a reasonable time line to meet your goal;
Specify at least two objectives which will help you reach the goal;
Identify at least two measurable milestones you will need to complete to meet your objective; and
Determine a time line to ensure that progress on individual milestones can be measured. (Hint: As you determine the time line to meet the individual milestones, it may be necessary to reconsider the time line you established for the greater goal.)
When you have completed the Action Plan Worksheet, you are ready to draft your goal in paragraph form for your Shared Practice. Your post for the Shared Practice will likely be in the range of 35 paragraphs.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post your action plan to the Week 7 Shared Practice discussion thread. Your post should include the following:
Your specific goal for professional and personal development with an explanation as to why you selected this goal. Your explanation should address how the questions your colleagues posed in the Week 6 Shared Reflection helped you refine and clarify your goal.
A reasonable time line for achieving your stated goal.
At least two objectives you have identified that will help you reach your goal with a rationale that explains how your objectives support the goal.
At least two measurable milestones for ensuring progress for each objective you identified as well as the time lines you have established for each milestone.