YOGA/Concentration and meditation

Using 12-point font and double spacing, type your answers to the following questions:
1) Explain why posture is important for concentration/meditation. How do asana and pranayama prepare us to practice concentration/meditation?
2) What is the difference between concentration and meditation?
3) Describe your personal experiences with concentration and/or meditation so far either from the exercises we’ve done in class or from your own personal practice.
4) Do this after answering the first three questions above: (Part 1): Set a timer/alarm for five minutes, sit with good posture (either on the floor or in a chair) and concentrate on your breath as your focal point. (Part 2): Set the timer again for five minutes, sit with the same good posture as in the previous session, and allow your concentration to move from the third-eye area, to the heart-center, to the navel-center continuously (at whatever pace seems best for you) until the timer goes off (do not be concerned about the breath at all). Which practice was easier for you? Describe your experience of each exercise, including whether or not you slipped into the meditative state.
5) Share at least one comment or question you have at this point regarding the practice of concentration and/or the experience of meditation.