x-ray for podiatry

Case Study
Case History
Mrs. Brown is a 72 year old female retiree who attends your private podiatry practice. She presents to you reporting
a three-week history of right sided heel pain. No traumatic event was recalled. She has recently returned from a
month holiday to Europe that involved a lot of walking. The pain is relieved with rest and aggravated by activity.
Mrs. Brown has osteoporosis and has a history of stress fractures in both feet. She had a pacemaker inserted two
years ago to treat arrythmia.
Physical Assessment Findings
Mild oedema localised to the plantar heel.
Extreme pain with squeeze of calcaneus.
Patient has an antalgic gait. To avoid placing weight upon the heel, she walks on the ball of the right foot.
All pulses are weakly palpable.
10g monofilament is detected 10/10 bilaterally.
Working Diagnosis
Calcaneal stress fracture.
Differential Diagnoses
Plantar fasciosis, fat pad syndrome, medial calcaneal neuritis.