Write a one- to two-page paper (single-spaced) in which you argue for some position on a specific social issue.

Write a one- to two-page paper (single-spaced) in which you argue for some position on a
specific social issue. In selecting a topic, keep in mind that you will have to argue for an
opposing view in the second assignment and that the topic will be the basis for all three parts of
this assignment.
Heres what you must do:
1. Write a brief introduction to the topic. Explain what the social issue is, why it is
important, and what you are going to do in the paper (thesis and outline of
development). This should be no more than five sentences.
2. Present an argument defending your thesis. The conclusion of the argument should be
something like x is morally wrong or x is morally permissible but not obligatory,
etc. Your argument must be valid if deductive, or strongly support the conclusion if
3. Support at least one of your premises, preferably the weakest or most controversial,
with a subsidiary argument that shows that the weak premise is true or should be
accepted. If you have two weak premises in your main argument, you will need two
subsidiary arguments. How long this section should be depends a lot on your issue and
your argument. Use your best judgment in determining what you need to do to
convince your reader of the premise(s).
4. Present at least one challenge to your main argument or supporting argument(s). Put
yourself in the shoes of someone who disagrees with you. What would he or she say
about your argument? The challenge should not be a counterargument but a challenge
to the premises, presuppositions, or implications. Try to make it as convincing as
possible. (If you cant come up with a decent criticism, then you have likely chosen a
bad topic.) Respond to that challenge.
Do not simply reproduce arguments found in the course text. Your argument should be
presented in fluid prose.