Write a introduction to the budgeting problem listed in the the instructions

The budgeting problem – Lack of budget and the impact that has on your team / department

Within Sky the incentives department are responsible for creating a incentive scheme for the sales department. The budget for the incentive is 24% of the departmental salary of all agents. The incentive scheme changes throughout the year depending on how much of the budget is spent. This can sometimes change so that the agents do not earn the same amount of bonus in 1 quarter to another, negatively effecting the agents moral. There is no communication from the incentives team to the agents regarding the bonus and the agents have no impact on how the incentive changes.

I need a introduction writing including the following:

Clearly defined your organisation and your role in it? – I am a sales advisor with Sky we have 300 advisors in the whole department.
Clearly stated what the problem is?
Clearly defined if it is a budget information or a cost driver problem?
Shown how this issue impacts you and others in or outside of your organisation

Please use week 11 and 12 and apply 2 concepts from the text book to the introduction