World cultures

Throughout this course, you have been analyzing different topics surrounding culture and anthropology. Chose one topic or issue to write about. You do you have to choose from the list and can look through our eText for ideas. Chapter 16 goes over some global challenges.
You can choose from one below or decide on something different (if you choose a different topic this is the week that I can give you approval on it by Week 7.)

Global Warming & Climate Change
Migrants on the run & Refugee Crisis
Global Poverty
Role of the Global Corporation in the World
Hunger, Obesity, and Malnutrition
War and Global Tensions

Include the following in your essay:
1) The topic you have chosen and an explanation as to why it deserves attention.
2) How you think this topic is changing and the direction you believe it is moving toward?
3) What do you think are the causes and reasons of this problem?

Your essay should be 3-4 pages, in APA format summarizing your research. While all parts of your essay require you to respond in your own words, it is important to substantiate your argument with at least three academic sources, with one reference from your E-text. These sources should include academic articles from the Berkeley library.

Grading Rubrics