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Taking a stand on an issue is an important part of writing persuasively.

Last week you 1. chose your argument topic, 2. developed your claim (position) on the topic, and 3. developed your three supporting arguments.

Earlier this week, you researched your topic which should have given you some more insight into your issue.

For this assessment, write a at least 5 paragraph essay that states your position on your chosen issue (the one you chose last week). The position paper will become the basis of your project. This is not THE RESEARCH ASPECT, so do not use references; develop your own reasons, explanations, and examples. DO NOT USE ANY RESEARCHED INFO THAT YOU FOUND FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. YOU WILL USE THAT LATER!

Upload your paper as a MS Word document and paste the paper in the submission box.

Your essay should include the following: It follows the usual essay pattern: introduction, 3-body paragraphs, conclusion.

A paragraph of introduction that gives some context or background about the issue.
A one-sentence thesis where you state your position on the issue and then give three reasons for holding that position. This thesis should be the last sentence of the first paragraph.
At least three body paragraphs where you develop support for your position. You should have identified your three supporting points in the proposal.You should not use sources for this paper; your support should be based on your own reasoning, explanation, and examples, not sources.
A paragraph where you offer your final thoughts on the issue, summarize your major points, and leave the reader with something to consider in relation to your position on the paper.