women harssment

do you know how to use spss, Submit a results section using the provided class data file, handouts, and video. This section is meant to be short. You can copy and paste the entire example, but modify it to reflect your study and your analysis findings. Remember, your analysis must include ALL participants, not just your 30. Your analysis will focus on only your 2 IVs and 1DV, you can ignore all other variables for the result section.

**You will need to revisit this datasheet for your presentation to get the participants’ demographics. The demographics are not to be submitted with this assignment but I included that in this week’s modules in case you wanted to just get all the stats out of the way.**

Make sure your results have:

A statement describing that you conducted a two-way ANOVA
Two sentences stating the main effect finding for each IV (include means and standard deviation)
One statement about the interaction
A bar graph
Paste your output