Why we should not trust online reviews?

*Use Microsoft Word

These are my topic and thesis statement. Please use these and connect thesis statement to topic sentences of each paragraph.

– Topic : Why we should not trust online reviews?
– Thesis: Most consumers read online reviews when they are trying to purchase or decide something. Still, internet reviews should not be trusted because some reviews are fake (which consumers probably can’t spot), some companies manipulated the rates, and the analysis could be an advertisement.

I need at least 3 sources but can have more. Two of my sources must be from the GSU library, but it’s fine if all of your sources are. Beyond the 2 sources from the GSU library, the other source may be from the Internet, but be sure any websites are credible and probably need to be from .org, .gpv, and .edu.

GSU library site: https://research.library.gsu.edu/az.php?q=online%20reviews
As you research the library databases (GALILEO) for information for research paper, you may need the GALILEO password. The password is ” halfway.”

This link is to an excellent website that contains plentiful information on MLA and research papers. The name of the website is Purdue Online Writing Lab.

I will put good example research paper and materials.