What was the most surprising thing that you heard (or read)? Why was it surprising?

The goal of the Critical Reflection Journal is a chance for you to purposely reflect on the connections, meanings, and significance of historical evidence that the class is engaged in each week. At the most basic level, the journal represents a way for each student to engage with the themes, stories, and evidence that might be used to answer the Project Period Questions. Each week will deal with a different set of questions for you to reflect on, whether students are asked to reflect on a particular reading, a historical source, or possible present implications.

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Note: It is recommended that you compose your reflection on paper or in a separate text editor of some kind, THEN copy-and-pasting that text into the text box for this assignment. Web forms, like this, are notorious for bugs and glitches which can erase precious writing in an instant with no way to get it back. Writing outside of this form ensures that you dont lose that work.

Listen to this Podcasts (or read the transcripts).

The 1619 Project, Episode 1: The Fight for True Democracy
Note: For those of you who must or prefer to read it, here is the transcript.

Reflect on the Prompt below in the text box. A minimum of 300 words is required to receive credit.

What was the most surprising thing that you heard (or read)? Why was it surprising?
Does this change the way that you view current problems in our country today?
Do you think the United States would have become what we are today without slavery?