What should be HRs role in organizational innovation? How do you help push it through the organizational system?

The following criteria is required:

1. Evidence of higher-level organization and presentation
2. Presenting arguments and evidence
3. Logically developing conclusions that are consistent with arguments and evidence that you present.
4. Focus on key points and dont add in lots of facts that are not necessary.
5. Find data that supports your argument(s).
6. Ability to adequately express grasp of the major concept(s). In other words, ability to demonstrate your understanding of international business concepts and skills covered in class and in the text as appropriate guidelines for each assignment. (Power Points of the chapters available if needed for review)
7. Scholarly/academy journals article references
8. PARAPHRASING: In general, only use direct quotations only if you have a good reason. Most of the paper must be in your own words. Research Paper CAN NOT heavily relying on Direct Quoting.