What is the role of the school district in workforce development for the city or region?

Interview a local school superintendent or other high ranking school administrator. You may do this face-to-face or electronically (for example, via telephone, Skype, email, IM, etc.). Be sure to explore your interview subjects perspectives on building and maintaining community relations. You will then write your synthesis of the responses to these questions as it pertains to the relationship that the administrator has with the colleges and the businesses in the area.

Ask the following seven questions and any additional questions you would like to add (for a minimum total of 10 questions):

What is the role of the school district in workforce development for the city or region?
What is your relationship with the community colleges or the four year colleges in the area?
Do the teachers in the high school have any contact with the teachers in these higher education institutions? Why or why not? Do you feel that these teachers should work together to improve the success of transition for students into these institutions?
Have you established any partnerships with local businesses for students to gain work experience as part of the curriculum?
Are there any established pipelines for students to matriculate from high school to training or jobs or from high school to higher education and then to job that you are aware of for students?
Do you think that the success of the school district has any impact on the local economic development or workforce?
How critical is the school district’s communication in the preparation for students for college and career?
After your interview, write a report that includes the following information:

Background information on the person interviewed (job title, professional preparation, years experience). You may use pseudonyms to replace the persons real name.
Descriptive/demographic information on the school or district in which the person serves as a superintendent or other central office administrator. You may use pseudonyms to replace names of schools or districts.
The results of the interview (by question, minimum of 10 questions).
Your synthesis of the interview as it pertains to the value that the administrator has in regard to the relationship with the colleges and the businesses in the area
Conclude your interview summary with your recommendations for what your school district could do to improve on workforce development.
Summarize your view on the importance of local school commitment to workforce development in order to graduate students that will be successful in higher education or in a career.
Length: 5-7 pages, include at least 5 scholarly resources