What is the impact of globalisation on media and communication networks?

This is an essay for my Media and Communications major subject. This paper has a 40% grade towards the final paper. It is essential that I pass and receive an adequate grade in order to pass the subject. I have attached some sources and notes which can be used for the essay. Please do not copy word for word from the notes as they have been used in previous essays. The essay should be free of any form of plagiarism. The essay should be argumentative on discussing the impact of globalisation on media and communications networks. Both advantages and disadvantages should be discussed. Topics such as benefits of digital media globalisation such as user-generated content, produsage, etc can be brought forward. Disadvantages such as cultural convergence, breach of user privacy, collection of user data, Cambridge Analytica, market oligopoly by big firms and etc, can be discussed. Most of these topics have been covered in my notes. But please feel free to choose whichever direction you find more applicable. Most of the sources should be academic. Any other sources or data used should be recent.
I know its a lot of requirements and I am really sorry. Due to my deteriorating mental health I have not been able to complete the assignment and apply for an extension due to insufficient proof. I just really need to pass this subject with a good grade. If you require any other form of documents please let me know. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.