What is the difference between direct coping and defensive coping?

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Chapter 11 Stress and Health Psychology

Before you answer this post question, you will want to study the three strategies used in direct coping, as well as the major ways of coping defensively, which are all listed in Chapter 11 of your text. Here is your post question:

What is the difference between direct coping and defensive coping?

Think of a time when you’ve used a direct coping strategy, and a time when you have used a defense mechanism (or seen one used) to cope with stress. Write a paragraph about each coping situation. Be sure to name the two coping techniques you are describing. Include why you chose the method you used for coping with each particular situation, and how effective you feel it was in dealing with the stress.

If you cant think of two actual times when these mechanisms were used, make up hypothetical examples. If three people have already written about a defense mechanism, describe a different one.

Required Text:
Morris, C. G. and Maisto, A. A., Understanding Psychology, 12th edition, copyright 2019.
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