What is social media telling us about your product category and today’s trends?

You are employed by a major fashion forecasting company. Your responsibility is to develop a fashion trend report (discussing 3 trends) predicted for two years from now.
The trend report will focus on a specific category in womens wear, menswear, or childrens wear. Once you select the category, predict and discuss three trends for your report.

Part I. Developing a Forecast
1. History of the classification I SELECTED WOMEN’S SWIMWEAR
Using your selected classification, trace the history back 100 years.
Develop an outline of past eras; 1920’s 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s and explain the styles/trends/colors/fabrics that were important in each era and what influenced them. How has this classification evolved from its beginning to today?
Please include pictures and a brief discussion of each era.
2. Current Trend Research
Using all (or most) of the following (current fashion magazines, fashion trade papers (WWD), trendy retail stores, fashion shows, red carpets, TV celebrities, talk show hosts, movies, social media) investigate what is trending today in your fashion category. Please use photos, pictures, articles to back up your findings. Look for the strongest, most visible trends. Again, a trend is not something you see once or twice but something you see repeated in various medium. That said, for every “trend” you discuss, you must show that this is “out there” today in at least 3 different places. (not simply on 3 social media sites)
What trends are current fashion magazines showing that involve your apparel category?
Are you seeing these trends in WWD?
Look at celebrities and find 3 instances where you see them wearing your product category in the same trend.
What is social media telling us about your product category and today’s trends?
What are trendy retailers showing with respect to your product category?
How about recent fashion shows, red carpet events……..what is trending in your category today?

3. The Forecast: Based on the history of the category and trends you are seeing today, what are you forecasting your category will look like in 2 years? Here you are discussing the 3 trends you are forecasting and developing the 3 theme boards.
Trend Story/Themes- Write a descriptive paragraph (for each of 3 trends) outlining the importance of the trend you are forecastingwhy do you think this trend will be evident in 2 years?
Sketch of trend for 2 years from now. What will your product category look like in 2 years?
Proposed colors for the season. You will select and discuss a different color story for each of your 3 themes. (Use paint swatches but create color names.)
Proposed fabrications for the season. You will select and discuss a different textiles story for each of your 3 themes. (Use fabric swatches.)

The trend research should be at least two pages per trend, (for a total of minimum 6 pages text) submitted in the APA format.
The typed trend story should be exciting. Create a name for each trend, (for example, Bohemian Chic) and use the name as a basis for telling the story. The following web site www.fashiontrendsetter.com is an excellent source that demonstrates how the stories are written. THE TRENDS ARE TIE DYE, ANIMAL PRINT, AND HIGH WAISTED

Part II. Class Presentation
A mood board/collage (trend board) for each of your 3 trends will be created, submitted and presented to the class in our week 14 DB. Each board should include brief details/ bullet points on:
1. History of the trend (how has your category evolved over the years up to and including today) Please include pictures to show the timeline of your category from its beginnings to today
2. What is trending in your product category today (what are the key trends in your category today?) Be sure to validate this with examples from social media, current fashion magazines, retailers current websites/windows, WWD)
3. Discussion of the theme/color/textiles that make up your forecast (what are you predicting this product will look like 2 years from nowwhat do you predict we will see with respect to silhouettes, colors, textiles) (This is where you discuss your theme boards!)

All written work must be submitted in the APA format with all sources cited.