What are some of the most important ingredients for living a happy during the covid 19 life?

Here is the research question that will be the basis of the argument you will compose for this essay:

What are some of the most important ingredients for living a happy life?
The thesis statement for your paper should be an answer to the research question. The rest of the paper should be a persuasive argument in support of the ideas you established in your thesis statement.

To help you assure that you can develop your key points thoroughly, you should stay focused on a maximum of three key ingredients, and they should be stated in your thesis statement.When we are crafting an argument, there will be others who have different ideas about our topic and who will disagree with us by taking a different stance on the issue or topic. We need to back up our ideas and claims with trustworthy research material to help show the reader how we came to our conclusions.

Showing the reader that we investigated a topic to come to our conclusions is an important way that we can make ourselves more persuasive when composing an argument.

Your research sources might include any of the following:

Newspaper or magazine articles
Academic journals
Videos or documentaries that you find through the Berkeley College Library
Podcasts or interviews