What are her non-modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis?

Watch this video then answer questions using video as 1 source and at least one other credible source. APA format.

Instructions for Video Assignment 5

Watch the video from Osmosis.org on Osteoporosis posted in module. Write a 250-350 word essay addressing the patient scenario and answer the questions. Do not use first person in this assignment. Do not rephrase questions.

Ms. Betty is a 91 y/o WF who comes to you for back pain. She states it is in her mid back and radiates toward her right hip. She tells you she is 55 but your height measurement shows 52. She has a slight curve in her upper back. Her medical history includes hypertension controlled with medication and hypothyroidism. She had colon cancer 25 years ago. She has never smoked or drank alcohol. She only sees her PCP but he is not available today. She takes one multivitamin daily.

Considering this scenario:
1. What are her non-modifiable risk factors for osteoporosis?
2. Briefly explain what happens in bone remodeling in a woman like Betty.
3. What tests will you order to establish a diagnosis?
4. What education will you give her about her bones?
5. What will your treatment plan be for a T-score of -3.4?