visual rhetoric

Assignment 5 guidelines – Visual Rhetoric – due: 5 pm, Monday, July 20
Carefully selected images are increasingly used for persuasive purposes due to the ease with which one can place them into report documents, including reporting that utilizes social media.

Your task in Assignment 5 is to find an image and combine it with a limited amount of text in order to create a persuasive message. Both the image and the text must be focused because the document is limited to one page. Make an argument for one of the following:

An internal (company) message about the need for an important change in workplace policy, or a reminder about the importance of current policy.
An external (public) message about the importance of ethical conduct in your work.
Whichever you choose, address a principle from the code of ethics that governs your profession. See links in the left margin for examples of professional codes of ethics.

Include a clearly readable short heading at the top of the page to frame your message. Below the selected image, add two-three carefully written short sentences to anchor the message. Bear in mind this document could be posted on a bulletin board, enlarged to become a poster, or delivered on a web platform. Attach it as a PDF file and include a paragraph of three to four sentences in the body of your Bb email explaining why the visual component of your message is effective. Find an original image to use to create your message and not something that’s already been used for a similar purpose. Also, include the source of the web page from which you’ve taken the image. See ‘Course Content’ page for an example of assignment format.

Value: 10%