Virtual Avatar Games: A Holy Grail for Data Mining

Please read, instructions below will help a lot!

A research paper about how Virtual World/Avatar Based video games provide a huge opportunity for data mining. This can be found in different example of games and for different purposes (case studies).

For example:
1) data can be collected to enhance gameplay, and difficulty levels.
2) Monetisation: Data can be gathered to place in game purchases at the right moment when a player is most likely to buy
3) Evaluation: Games like “Detroit: Become Human” present a gateway into one’s ethical choices by selecting different decisions from a decision tree

On the other hand social games like : HighRise, Secondlife etc.. present different set of data like what the person wants to be or how they behave.

This paper should introduce the above ideas, and mainly highlight the opportunities of data mining in games and how that there is an untapped potential to what can be extracted even more if we create games with agenda (for example, political video games, or role-playing games that questions ethics: where we can mine based on demographics..etc)

the conclusion should be that this is an uncharted territory and relatively new, have we fully realised what we can mine from games data?Is it reliable source of information in terms of person behaviours etc