Using Various Frameworks for Managing Data Analytic Projects

Write a three-section paper, plus an introduction, conclusion, and reference section, on using various frameworks for managing data analytic projects given a particular point of view. Each section will address the needs and recommendations for a particular viewpoint. The points of view are from that of 1) data analytics professionals (i.e. those doing the work), 2) business managers (who may be ignorant of how to do data analytics), and 3) customers (whose needs can be unique). Express the business and project needs of each and how different data analytic project frameworks and/or processes work to fulfill each need. In particular, address the following,

The project and business needs of each viewpoint (up to 5 for each)
The pros and cons of different frameworks and/or processes for each need
The trade-offs between the different recommendations made
Variations in recommendations based on project characteristics (i.e. consider how different project characteristics (goals, size, etc.) affect recommendations).
The Conclusion section should summarize, as well as compare and contrast the recommendations.

Examples of business and project needs (no particular order or grouping) are: user involvement, transparency, aspects of communication, data security, data privacy, work accommodations, participation facilitation, dispersed workgroups, cultural differences, regulations, competition, budgetary constraints, and operational issues. This list is not definitive nor exhaustive. The needs you present may or may not include any of these. These are given in support of your consideration. The business and project needs you define for each viewpoint (up to 5 for each) should be well articulated and possibly defined.

Quality is of paramount importance for this final paper. Graduate level grammar is expected. Use a 12 Times New Roman; spacing should be 1.5; default, normal margins.

100 points total. Grammar: 10%. Organization and format: 15%. Articulation and definition of project and business needs: 25%. Recommendation justifications and arguments: 50%.

SafeAssign will be used to check for plagiarism. Deductions will be made for plagiarism up to the full grade of the paper.

Resources: Please incorporate only resources that pertain to the data analytics and the topic of the paper.