Using the test data from the women’s rowing case study, design a training program for the athlete.

Part 1: Needs Analysis
Provide an interpretation of the performance test data. Consider the fitness testing or athlete monitoring data and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete and key areas for training (250-word max).

Part 2: Training Programme
Design a training programme that aims to improve performance. This should be presented in two sections. Section A) present a training programme that aims to improve performance (the table with the training programme does not count toward the word count. Section B) provide a written justification for the programme design.

A) Training Programme: Using a table present a macro cycle for your athlete and provide specific detail from a minimum of a 3-month window that will be carried out.
Illustrate how the programme is integrated with the technical aims, technical training
programme and the competition schedule and/or performance outcomes as appropriate. Key areas to consider in the program design include selection of appropriate program design variables for resistance training (exercise selection, training frequency, exercise order, training load and repetitions, volume, and rest periods).

B) Training Justification: There should be full justification for the training programme development, utilising contemporary training literature throughout. Critical evaluation of the training theory is required to justify the programme.

*The training program should focus on strength and power increasing exercises, based on the case study table 1.