Using relevant theories and concepts on international employment relations, critically discuss opportunities and challenges multinational corporations (MNCs) might face when managing the employment relations during and after this COVID-19 crisis.

Write a 3,500 word academic essay to give an in-depth review and analysis of the assigned topic using relevant literature.

All essays will be processed through Tunitin for a plagiarism and originality check. Any submitted reports with plagiarism level over 30% will receive a grade zero (excluding the cover sheet and list of references).

Essay should be 3,500 words in length with a flexibility of 10% below and above (minimum 3,150 and maximum 3,850; excluding appendices, tables, figures, table of contents, and reference list).

At least 15 recent (in the last 5 years) and reliable (from recognized academic journals) academic sources should be referenced and cited in text; the module textbook des not count towards this total number of academic sources.

Section headings are encouraged, although not mandatory.
Provide in-depth discussions and analysis by using reliable information. Evidence and supporting materials should be sourced from mainly academic literature.
Prepare an essay according to the general guidelines on academic writing in English. Your content and discussion should have a logical flow with evidence of analyzing critical thinking and in-depth analysis.
You are encouraged to elaborate your viewpoints. In order to have valid viewpoints, they MUST be backed up by academic evidence (past research findings and theoretical claims).
Illustration of what happens/happened in real world can be included to support your argument. However, please avoid overly describing the situation. You should use the real world cases to demonstrate your understanding of theories and concepts.

Below is a general guidelin of what sections to include in the essay.

1) INTRODUCTION : Provide short paragraph to give a brief yet concrete introduction, and to state how you are going to approach the analysis and/or organize the content of your essay.

2) MAIN BODY : This is NOT an eligible heading, it only indicates that this is the most important part of your essay. You should, therefore, develop your own headings accordingly. Critically review and analyze the topic using relevant literature and information.

3) CONCLUSION : A short and concise paragraph to further illustrate your viewpoints.

Students are expected to consider all/some of the following aspects but focus and extent of the discussion may vary :
– Types of employees (e.g., full-time and part-time) and characteristics of different types of employees and their employment relations with the organizations
– Challenges of working from home from different perspectives such a s cultural, national, social, and individual
– Challenges to subsidiary managers to balance local need and HQ expectations with the growing skepticism of globalization
– Challenges of rewarding and meeting individual expectations during this crisis
– Opportunities of having a diverse workforce
– Considerations to managers on effectively managing virtual teams
– Influence of external and internal environment

Main aspects are your main content and the quality of how your essay is presented and how well it is supported b reliable and expansive evidence. They should also present an argument that integrates different aspects and display a fuller picture of how international employment relations can be effectively managed. Your essay should be written in a logical flow so that all paragraphs and sections are connected coherently.