Urban Parks and Recreation

Students are required to develop an 10-page research paper on one of the neighborhood effects topics posted on blackboard or one of the urban sociology research topics below, as their final submission. Research for your final paper must be compiled using existing sources (i.e. academic journal articles, government documents, conference proceedings, books etc.) Note: Your paper should focus on New York City (when possible) and be supported with actual photos you have taken while researching the topic. Make sure to include a title page & bibliography in APA format. Points will be deducted for typographical, grammatical, language and punctuation errors. In addition, your final research paper must be presented to the class, electronically prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint and used as your classroom presentation. Both the PowerPoint presentation and your final research paper must be submitted on a CD-R compact disk on the last day of class. Your 10-page paper must be uploaded to e-portfolio immediately following your classroom presentation. Late submissions will not be accepted.