United States Healthcare Issues

This paper will ask you for a critical argument identifying an unresolved problem or debatable issue impacting
contemporary or modern American society. What is the issue? Why does it matter? How did it originate as a
pressing public problem? Who are the stakeholders and why does it matter to the public good? Is it a local, regional,
and/or national concern? Why?

Avoid any plot lengthy plot summary or general review (the instructor is familiar
with all of the programs on this list). Analyze the stakeholders in the issue and
how it is relevant to society and government today using exact scenes/evidence
from the documentary and outside sources for examples (see Unit 9 Suggestions for
Writing document)
Be sure to answer all points and subpoints at the top of this page (p. 18)
Refrain from I statements (i.e., self-referential opinion versus third-person
formal academic tone engaging data or examples/evidence). This is not a
reflection and/or opinion piece. Rather, it is a persuasive, critical analysis.
Evaluate the issue at hand and comment critically using examples/evidence