Unique Humanitarian Individuals

Papers should have 1-inch margins and be typeset using 12pt or 11pt Times New Roman (or a similar, serif font), with a line spacing of either 1.5 or 2 (i.e., one-and-a-half- or double-spaced). The first page of your essay should include: your name, the number and name of the course, the instructors name, the date of completion or submission, and a title. (If you do not find yourself inclined to be creative, the assignment name may serve as your title.) The last page of your text should include a word count for the document [in LibreOffice this number can be ascertained by selecting Tools and then Word Count]. If you have used any outside sources, you should also include a Works Cited page.
All sourceswhether for direct quotes, paraphrases, or distinct ideasmust be cited using either MLA or Chicago/Turabian style. Which you use is up to you, but use it accurately and consistently. If you are unsure whether a statement requires a citation, err on the side of caution and cite your source.