Supplement- Turmeric
Imagine if your friend came to you and asked you what the supplement is and whether they
should take it. Your friend has never heard of your supplement or what it does. The tone of
the discussion should be conversational.
Your post should have the following content:
Introduce the Supplement
Identifies intended consumer use and target market
Describes purported product claims and safety of the supplement
Calculates the cost of using the product
Research Scientific Evidence
Chose appropriate research articles by selecting and using the best available
evidence regarding the claims (e.g. consider the currency, relevance, authority,
accuracy and purpose of the articles)
Summarizes scientific evidence from at least three scientific research articles
Integrates information from articles to determine validity of health claims
Draws appropriate conclusions based on research and scientific evidence
Clearly describes criteria used to evaluated products
Give your opinion should people take this supplement? Why or why not?
Cite and reference all your resources in APA style.
Uses correct grammar and spelling
Show good organization and logic
Use visual aids effectively (where applicable)
Demonstrate critical thinking and insight