Tortilla Curtain

The Tortilla Curtain Final Essay
5-6 pages
MLA format you must cite from the novel to support your claims.
Secondary sources: 1-2 from our librarys database you must cite directly from them throughout your essay to support your claims.

To find the secondary sources, open your commnet and on the top bar open My Library Info. Then scroll down under All Subjects and open up Academic Search Premier. (That is the best database to start your research search for most classes, as it covers all topics.) Type in The Tortilla Curtain. Then scroll down on the left side and check the box for Academic Journals. (You dont want Reviews, etc. You want a journal article.) You can also look under Literature and open the Literature Reference Center. (Same avoid reviews.) You wont find a lot of material, but what you will find are good sources for your essay. You will need to read the journals to find the material you need.

Choose one number to write your essay on. Make sure you stay on track writing a literary analysis of what Boyle reveals about these subjects in the novel rather than a general commentary on immigration, etc. (Avoid inserting your beliefs.)

1. Kathy Knapp, a literary critic, argued that despite Delaney’s wealth, he is washing away on the same current as the luckless Cndido. You will need to explain what that current is and how it is destructive. (Why is it destructive?) What is Boyle asking you to think about?

2. Write an essay that explains what the gated community and wall/s symbolize.

3. Write an essay that explains the symbolism of the coyote.

4. Both the Mossbachers and the Rincns are searching for the American Dream. Compare and contrast what each couples dream is and the challenges they face attempting to realize it. (What is revealed in their attempt to reach the American Dream about the realities of achieving it or what the costs are.)