To apply group communication theories, methods, and tools to a film that demonstrates numerous group communication variables in a particular context.

View the original film Twelve Angry Men and write a paper analyzing the group discussion dramatized in the film.
While watching the film, take notes that include specific examples to illustrate concepts related to group communication.

Your analysis of the jury should address five issues. Provide specific examples from the film to support your conclusions.
1. Leadership: Describe the different approaches to leadership represented on the jury. What theory or theories best explain(s) the leadership of this group?
2. Participation: Describe the task, maintenance, and self-centered roles represented in the film. What were some of the participation problems confronted by the group? How did the group deal with these problems?
3. Climate: Describe the communication climate throughout most of the jurys deliberations. What specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors contributed to this climate?
4. Conflict: Provide examples of substantive, procedural, and affective conflict. What were some of the conflict styles of group members? How successfully were conflicts resolved in the group?
5. Argumentation: Evaluate the jury members arguments. How well did the characters evaluate information?