Theory Background

Theorist: David Buss: Evolutionary Psychology

Prompt: For this assignment, you will write an outline of Section I of the final project. The outline will list key points of the historical overview of your selected theorist. Next, list key points about the theorys historical development and how the theory is used today.
I. Background: In this section, you will analyze the key concepts and background of your theory. Be sure to include any supporting research that you plan to use to make your point in each element of the outline.
A. Provide a list of key points on the historical overview of your selected theorist. List some additional information related to biographical information and historical events that influenced the theorist.
B. List key points of the historical development of the theory based on the context of the theorist who you have researched so far in the course. Note any relevant research for quick reference. List the major key points about how your chosen theory compares with the prevailing theory/theories in practice during this time period. How does the theory relate to the work of earlier theorists?
C. Organize a list of the key concepts of your chosen theory as conceived by the theorist. Reference any supporting research for quick retrieval. D. Discuss how the theory is used today, identifying key points about how the concept is used today and how the theory has changed over time.

Use Sources below.

There are a number of readily available journal articles.

Here is one article specifically related to personality: Buss, D. M. (2009). How can evolutionary psychology successfully explain personality and individual differences?
Perspectives on Psychological Science, 4(4), 359366.
Buss, D. M. (1991). Evolutionary personality psychology. Annual Review of Psychology, 42(1), 459491.
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