“The Wisdom of Eve” by Marry Orr

Essay should use MLA format and meet the following requirements:

– At least 2 full pages

– 1 primary source (short story)

– At least 4 primary citations (direct quotes)

– At least 2 secondary sources (1 or 2 being academic ebooks, others being scholarly journal articles, all from the BC Library)

– At least 4 secondary citations (including 1 paraphrase, the others being direct quotes)

– Works cited page

NOTE: 1 of your citations (either primary or secondary) may be a block quote

Essay should analyze “how” or “why” something happens in one of the short stories from Adaptations. Put another way, what does the story “say” about a particular topic or issue?
“The wisdom of eve” by:Marry Orr from Adaptations From Short Stories To Big Screen by: Stephanie Harrison