The Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

The 100-points term paper should be at least 15 pages in length (including footnotes). Topics can be about accounting, taxation, finance, or management from any of the 18 chapters (SEC, IRS, accounting, auditing, tax, cost, FASB, PCAOB, etc.). A topic that is practical is preferred, with footnotes rather than academic style. I am attaching a sample article on Blackboard.

The paper will be graded on both content and form. Appropriate grammar, punctuation, and referencing are required. The paper should be written in a professional manner using term paper methodology (i.e., should be written in paragraph form and not be in the form of a memorandum). There should be an introduction, body (with captions), conclusion, and footnotes. No need for an abstract. All work should be paraphrased or re-written rather than copied directly. Do not plagiarize. Papers will be run through a plagiarizing software. Must have citations and references. The better papers have a chance to be published in the Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly of which I am the editor.

If you can not find a practical type topic, you can pick an energy producing country and include history, current, future, etc. of the country as it related to oil and gas. A practical paper re the United States has a better chance of being published (e.g., sunk cost in petroleum industry, G&G costs, impairment, development costs, DD&A, ARO, are some examples). Please send three potential topics ranked in order of your preference by the end of the first week. I do not wish too many people to write on the same subject.

You can look for topics on oil/gas blogs, energy blogs, Hart Energy Newsletter, Feedspot News, FCPA Blog, SEC site, court decisions, Energy Law 360, Oil & Gas Journal, Oil and Gas Natural Resources & Energy J., Environmental Blogs, Solar Energy blogs, wind energy blogs, renewable energy blogs, or find copies of the Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly (bound copy) at a library.