The role of Masculinity in African American literature (using Hansberry and Malcolm X)

Masculinity in African American literature (using Hansberry and Malcolm X) analyzing using the masculine roles in Raisin in the Sun: Acts I, Acts II, & Act III – (Walter) & Malcom X: Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 6, Chapter 11, & Chapter 19 (Malcolm & another male role such as his father, etc.)

Formatting Checklist for Essay 2
Check Sheet for Documented Research Essay
(Essay 2)
Descriptive title (not just Essay 2 or Research Essay)
6-10 pages double-spaced (1800-2500 words)
1-inch margins
Page numbers
Paper topic may be one of the week topics or Module topics from the course schedule
Analysis of at least 1 work from the syllabus not already covered in your first essay
Direct quotes from this work/these works
2 or 3 outside/interpretive sources:
o Extra credit for MLA International Bibliography and JSTOR articles
o Introductions in the text
o Database articles (Academic only)
o Books in the library
o Class discussions
Direct quotes from these sources in the MLA style
A List of Works Cited at the end of the essay, in the MLA style
o Include complete citations of primary and secondary sources

Evaluation Checklist for Essays
The A composition:
– Includes a thesis statement that effectively reflects the writers purposes
-Includes a thesis that is interesting and important
-Demonstrates depth of insight
-Uses an abundance of specific, relevant details, including concrete examples from sources that support generalizations
-Is composed of paragraphs that carefully follow the organizational plan stated in the introduction and are fully developed and tightly controlled.
-Contains a wide variety of sentence constructions
-Uses appropriate words and phrases to make transitions between sentences and paragraphs
-Uses effective coherence techniques to make prose distinctive
-Contains virtually no errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling
-Includes a bibliography of all sources cited
-Is formatted correctly according to the course syllabus