“The Poem of Your Choice,”

After reading and annotating “The Poem of Your Choice,” please compose and submit your draft of the Introduction Paragraph for Essay #2 via this Canvas Assignment. You may copy and paste the paragraphs, or attach them as pdf, word, or google document. Try to compose at least a 7-10 sentence paragraph that focuses on the following three (3) guidelines:

1. Provide BACKGROUND information on your possible THEME(S), the author, and/or the poem you have chosen to explicate. Some suggestions are to provide biographical information on the author and setting of the poem, perhaps a brief plot summary, and/or some detail about the THEME(S) you want to focus on in your essay. Try to be as descriptive as possible by using specific and relevant details. I always like to invoke my own ETHOS when writing essays with an anecdote in the introduction as part of the background. Perhaps you share your own thought/experiences/observations about the THEME(S) you will address in the essay.

2. Provide a clear THESIS that responds to the question following question: What is the POINT the poem makes about the THEME(S) you have chosen to focus on? Review pages 27-31 in Reading and Writing about Literature and use the guidelines provided to structure your claim.

3. Present the SUPPORTING DETAILS to prove the claim. Essentially, which “Elements of Fiction” and “Elements of Poetry” from the section on p. 76-79 and 100-104 in Reading and Writing about Literature will the essay focus on in the body paragraphs to prove your THESIS? Try to choose at least three (3) elements if possible.