The lack of people having advanced care directives and the issues it creates

Outline for Health Policy Paper

I. Title Page
II. Body of Paper
A. Use the following APA Level 1 headings (centered in the page) & Level 2 headings (flush left) in your paper. These correlate with the rubric.
1. Introduction 3-4 sentences saying what you are going to present in the paper.
2. Policy issue
3. Who/What is affected?
4. APRN and the policy issue
5. Facilitators to resolving the policy issue
6. Barriers to resolving the policy issue
7. Solution to resolving the policy issue
8. Conclusion summarize in 3-4 sentences what you have said in your paper
III. Reference Page
A. Need a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources (articles)
B. Websites and books are not considered peer-reviewed sources you can use these in addition to the 3 peer-reviewed sources

Things to Remember:
5% of your paper is proper APA format (Use your APA 7th edition cheat sheet provided under week 8 on portal)
5% of your paper is correct spelling & grammar (please make sure you reread what you have written or have someone else read and edit for you)
A paragraph must be a minimum of 3 sentences

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