The Insurance market for financial risks in terrorism related risk: What is the insurance market for financial risks suffered by businesses in a terrorism related event?

NB: The thesis should reflect a Law and Economics approach. That is, a combination of law and economics approach should be used when researching and writing the paper. References to economic theories backed by law should be covered. I have included a pdf file titled “TopThesis”, which covers the Law and Economics approach. Please use the PDF file as an important guidance when researching and writing the paper. The referenes contained in that PDF should be highly noted.

1. “TopThesis”: This PDF file is highly recommended by my tutor. Thus, please take careful guidance from it. Please include a theoretical Framework section and it should closely follow the TopThesis structure.
2. Please also find attached COMMENTS added in a word document
2. Minimum 90 sources/references/ citations. They should follow the format used in teh TopThesis file.
3. Citation should be done in OSCOLA format and include footnotes.