The Importance of Student Volunteerism

Write a 3 page data report on student volunteerism, the pros and the cons. Analyze data connected to student volunteerism and research in order to understand the use of student volunteerism in high schools and universities, its impact, and its future. This will be in APA format. Each section description below is a separate section of this data report.
The data: Volunteering data in the US

Introduction: Explain the assignment, including what the issue is, what we are looking at, and how we are going about finding answers.

Definition: Define student volunteerism. Based on the provided articles and research, provide an extended definition of this term.
Volunteering in America
Volunteering in U.S. Hits Record High; Worth $167 Billion
Volunteerism Declined Among Young People by Sarah Sparks

Results: From the provided BLS data, select the data that relates to the topic student volunteerism. Create the best visual representation to present the data. (Pie chart, bar graph, etc.) Present the visual and explain how you gathered the data and why you chose this particular format. Indicate any of the data results that seem significant. Are there any comparisons or immediate reactions that can be noted?

Discussion: The analysis of qualitative data must all be expressed in words, and this results in a large quantity of written material, through which you must guide your reader.
Describe the sample. Explain to the reader what they should gather from the data in regards to the research question being addressed: In other words, what do the results mean? Highlight the important trends and differences/comparisons.

Conclusion: Indicate clearly the findings from data that support or deny the inclusion of student volunteerism in high schools and universities.