The Ethical Web, Camus’ The Plague, and COVID-19

Objective: Write a persuasive, analytical essay of 1000-1250 words, demonstrating that you have joined this critical discussion on ethics in the time of coronavirus. Present and support your view clearly, with concrete, developed examples.
Prompt: To what extent do you agree or disagree with Todd Mays concept of the ethical web in his article, What is Making You Stay at Home Right Now? Why do you agree, or why do you disagree? How do you see yourself, in the midst of this pandemic, engaging with and exemplifying the ethical assumptions that May bases his argument on? Your answer to these questions will be the foundation of your thesis.
Incorporate Mays article and Camus The Plague to explore and support your thesis.
Include a Works Cited page with the MLA entries for the Todd May article and The Plague.
Structure: Below is a structure that might be helpful for you to use.
In your introduction, please introduce the concept of the ethical web, and make a claim (your thesis) stating the extent to which you agree or disagree with May. I suggest writing your introduction AFTER you have written the body of your essaybecause you might not know exactly what you think until you have written your thoughts out in the body.

For your first page or so, evaluate Mays articlefocus on his thesis and major supporting points. Make sure also to identify and evaluate the explicit and implicit assumptions in the article, including those assumptions that May disagrees with. Connect back to your own thesis at the end of this section.

For your second page or so, use Camus The Plague to explore Mays concept in greater depth by explaining the position the novel takes on the idea of the ethical web. That is, how much do you think the novel agrees or disagrees with May? Use specific evidence and quotation from The Plague to support your points. Connect back to your thesis at the end of this section.

Close the essay with a conclusion that rehearses the points you have made and discusses the implications of your thesis for the future.