The effects of prescription drug prices on households in the United States

Term Paper Project Requirements:

*****Select an economic topic relating to microeconomics. Example The economic significance of price controls (See samples of the optional term paper topics and work)

The economic effect of immigration in the United States.
Government and individual markets.
Economics of market systems, production, and Globalization.
The effect of drugs and the household.
Collect as many articles from recent or current issues (year 2018+) of the Wall Street Journal, News Media, or any Business Journal that relates to your selected topic of microeconomics.

Analyze at least ten to fifteen of these articles to select the information necessary to support your topic. You must at least indicate twelve articles usage in your work and also the citation page.

Make sure you distinguish the following in your work; INTRODUCTION, BODY, & CONCLUSION (Bold or Underline)

Also, you must number your pages excluding cover and citation pages.

The required pages should range from ten to fifteen pages of content excluding cover and citation pages

You must use all your skills in producing excellent work- accuracy, grammar, spelling & general format of writing a college term paper. (MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc)

Your work must be typed, double-spaced, and submitted to me on canvas within the assigned time in the syllabus.