The Effect of Brand Image on Consumers Mind and Power in Modern Business

Chapter 2 Edits
The hypotheses are supposed to be opposites. How do these look opposite to you?


H1Null: Brand Image is vital in sport shoes.
H1A: Brand Image is not vital in sports shoes.

This is not at the hypotheses level yet – you have to tell me what brand image is – such as:

H1: basketball star (Name of One) influences buyers to purchase the (sport shoe name).

Chapter 3 Edits
For the introduction, I’m not sure why you are covering the symbolic value. You could open up with the purpose statement and then indicate what you will cover in this chapter – i.e. the APA level of heading sections.

Good job but since you are defining qualitative/quantitative, you should be citing.

1. First, you are not working baseball, basketball, etc players. You are surveying AGS graduate level students and non AGS participants like family and friends – WE DISCUSSED this.
2. It is not a questionnaire, it is a survey. That is what is used in quantitative research.

1. Again, it is a survey and then you list the word questionnaire. THEN YOU SAID THE 8 QUESTIONS WHERE ISSUED TO PARTICIPANTS – YOU HAVE NOT ISSUED IT YET.
2. I don’t see the survey in appendix B. You need to describe this survey – where did you get it – or did you make it up or is it from many different surveys? Also, it is Likert-type scales and is it a 5 point scale? **** on page 26, you have show question 5 which SHOULD BE IN THE DATA COLLECTION TOOL SECTION, NOT the data collection procedure – hence the word procedure.
3. You need to add Qualtrics – the tool you will use to design the survey and collect and store the data. Look it up and describe what it is and what it does. Make mention of the security of the application – i.e. requires a user name and passcode to protect the data.

1. Why are you using past tense for this chapter? You have NOT done the research yet. Change all the verbs to present tense.
2. Remove step 1.
3. Step 2 is a survey pre-test with your thesis advisor – where are you getting ‘supervisor’? Use words that make sense – I’ve never heard of a supervisor in this program.
4. Step 3 – NO, you are not gaining permission from the sports department.