Describe the Company History
Describe the company today- last 5-10 years (This section is worth double points so give me LOTS of facts!)
Is the company a good corporate citizen? What Voluntary Responsibilities does your company do and how do these make them a good corporate citizen? Is your company Socially Responsible? What / how does your company deal with CSR initiatives ( so give me LOTS of facts!)

Who are your companys main competitors?
What does your company do similar than the competition? What does you company do differently than its competition? What are your companys strengths? What are your companys weaknesses?

What is the companys Organizational Culture & Structure?
Describe the companys Marketing Strategy? What are the companys 4 Ps?

Describe the company Human Resource Strategy

What Political Economic- Social- issues impact your company? How has & how is your company dealing with them?
What is your companys financial position? List financial ratios and their meaning. List companys financial 5 year trend and projection.
Why or why not would you want to work for this company? (This section is worth double points so give me LOTS of opinions based on information in paper!)

Grammar Standard English, length and reference citation: Cites 4 or more references

Followed APA format