Telehealth -The implementation of Telehealth in behavioral health practices

This paper is for a healthcare financial management course . In the paper clearly state the economic entity , specific decision areas in question and why they are important , major economic , financial influences , threats trends and opportunities surrounding the decision and actions or recommended directions that would best fit the target organizations .
Use practitioner and medical journals , business publications and academic journals to assist with this topic .

Follow this outline :
1.Implementation of Telehealth services in behavioral health practices

A. What is Telehealth
B.The rapid expansion of Telehealth services
C. What providers can offer Telehealth services
D. How Telehealth is used

2. The Advantages of Telehealth
A. Minimal expense /cost effective
B. Convienient
C. Health care demand

3. The disadvantages of Telehealth services
A. Insurance Coverage
B. No physical examination or diagnosis/delay in immediate needs
C.HIPPA and compliance issues

4. Covid-19 and the expansion of Telehealth services
A. Covid-19 and the expansion of Telehealth services
B. Emergency Rules for telemedicine visits
C.Is Telehealth the future as a response to COVID-19 pandemic

5. Conclusion Summary