Teaching Science and Math in Preschool

For this Work Product, you will demonstrate your ability to plan developmentally appropriate preschool math and science activities, and to plan, implement, and engage in critical reflection on an integrated math/science lesson for preschool children. You are strongly encouraged to use the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist when completing this Assessment.

This Assessment requires submission of two (2) documents. Save these documents as follows:
For Part I, save your math and science activities as PR008_PartI_firstinitial_lastname
For Part II, save your Math/Science Integrated Lesson as PR008_PartII_firstinitial_lastname.

Part I: Math and Science Learning Activities
Effective math and science units and lessons comprise numerous activities that help children develop key concepts and skills. Bring to mind an area of study in math and in science, or an integrated math/science unit, project, or theme. With this area of study in mind, explore the Internet, curriculum materials, and other resources for high-quality activities that will develop key concepts and skills in that area. Select one activity in math and another activity in science that you could conduct with the preschool children you are currently teaching, with any class or group of preschool children. These two activities may be used as building blocks for the math/science integrated lesson you will create for Part II of this Assessment.
Outline a plan for the two activities as follows:
Indicate the title of the activity.
Describe the overarching unit, theme, or project.
Identify the targeted learning standards, goals, and objectives.
List the materials needed.
Indicate the grouping structure.
Explain the procedures.
Describe an informal assessment that could be used.
Explain why this learning experience is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.

Part II: Plan, Implement, and Reflect on a Math/Science Integrated Lesson for Preschoolers
Plan, implement, and engage in critical reflection on an integrated science and mathematics lesson for preschool children. Your lesson may build upon the activities described in Part I of this Assessment.
Complete this Assessment as follows:
If you are not currently teaching in a preschool setting, speak with the teacher in the setting where you will implement the lesson.
o Review math and science assessment data for the children you will be teaching to gain an understanding of their current progress in the two subject areas, and to determine learning objectives for the lesson.
o Discuss the various strengths and needs of the children and if the lesson will be implemented with the whole class or smaller group.
o Discuss ideas for how your integrated lesson will fit into the teachers current math and science units or themes.
Complete the Lesson Plan Template making sure to fill in all sections except the Reflection section at the bottom of the form.
Make all necessary preparations before you implement the lesson.
Review your lesson plan, and be sure to allow an appropriate length of time for your lesson implementation.
During your lesson implementation, look for evidence of whether or not the children are grasping the math and science concepts youre targeting. Be mindful of the effectiveness of your instructional strategies and materials, making adjustments, as needed, to maximize learning for all children.
After implementing the lesson, reflect on your experience and complete the following:
o Make anecdotal notes on your lesson plan, using the comments feature. Note what went well, where you made adjustments, and what you might do differently in the future, and why.
Summarize your experience by completing the Reflection section at the bottom of the Lesson Plan Template.