System & Network Security

Each answer must be a minimum of 250 words. Please use the book provided, other sources can also be used. please make sure every question is answered throughly and include all details needed. Include the questions as headings. Do not need any sources cited, just answer the questions correctly.

1. Describe the TCP IP Model and the OSI Model. Ensure you discuss components, ports, protocols, applications, and a comparison between the two models.

2. Describe the penetration testing tools contained in Kali Linux. You can discuss one tool or all tools. Please include the use of the tool and an overview of the operation of the tool.

3. Discuss any relevant information for passive footprinting. You can source this material from the book, slides, or online sources.

4. Describe port scanning. Feel free to elaborate on any aspect fo port scanning.

5. Discuss all wireless devices discussed in the text. Ensure you include strengths, weaknesses, security issues, and defense mechanisms.