Supply Chain Management

As a manager for a discount retail chain, you find yourself caught in a difficult situation. Just last month, your chain began selling an economy-priced line of clothing endorsed by a famous movie star. To be price competitive, you have followed the rest of the industry and sourced the clothing from a low-wage region of Asia. Initial sales have been brisk; however, the movie star has recently called you screaming and crying because an investigative news outlet has reported that children are making the clothes with her name on them. This news has the potential to tarnish your companys brand and potentially discourage customers from conducting business with your company. Moreover, the media has contacted your company for a statement and protestors have begun protesting in front of your companys offices.

In a 1-2 page paper, thoroughly respond to the following questions in an essay format:

1. What do you say to the stakeholders and employees of your company?
2. What statements will you make to the media?
3. How will you address the protestors in front of your companys offices?
4. What options will you implement to prevent the potential loss of customers?