Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics Management

NOTE: – This assignment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics Management. There are three tasks given below, and each task relates to an aspect of Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Task 1 and Task 3 are written answers and Task 2 is a presentation. You will be required to attempt all tasks. It is expected that a participant writes a minimum of 3000 words for Task 1 report and a minimum of 1000 words for Task 3. However, some questions might require more detailed answers You must support your answers with evidence from acknowledged academic sources. Personal experiences can also be used to illustrate the application of a topic/theory, but the participants must still provide evidence from acknowledged sources to support their answers. The sessions and activities conducted during classes are not the only sources of information. You are encouraged to draw on as many appropriate sources as you can. The more you engage with the literature of the topic, the better the likelihood of achieving a higher grade/ award.

Assignment Task 2: Presentation (25 marks)
Learners are asked to make a short presentation by designing a procurement and logistics plan for the acquisition of goods or services for any chosen organisation.

Guidelines for the presentation are as follows: –
1. Learners should take into consideration, market review, a review of the suppliers capabilities and all other relevant considerations within the supply chain process for the chosen organization
2. Where applicable, the plan must detail the role of logistics and warehousing for tangible acquisitions. Reference must be made to the procurement cycle of the chosen organization
3. Learners can choose any organization (ideally an MNC or an SME which offers finished goods or services) for this task.
4. Learners are requested to use PowerPoint presentations (Maximum of 12 slides) to make the presentation.
5. The presentation will be delivered via the LMS and the e-lecta portal (our team will help you set up the delivery in the system) and the maximum time allotted for the presentation is 15 minutes.
6. There is no specific structure as such for the presentation, any structure can be followed and the learners are encouraged to be creative and proactive to make the presentation academically relevant.
7. This is an individual presentation; learners will have to prepare and deliver the presentations individually and are advised to discuss any concerns regarding the presentations with the faculty.