Strategic Management

The Strategic Analysis must include the following (1) an identification of the companys strategy, (2) an explication of the strategic issues facing the company, and (3) a recommendation plan for dealing with these issues. You will find Preparing an Effective Case Analysis in your textbook useful in organizing your document. A few points of clarification:

The format is a typed document (12-point font, double-spaced text).
The Strategic Analysis must be submitted electronically by 11:59 pm of the scheduled case date. Your file (Word; PDF) should be uploaded to the proper folder under the Assignments tab on our iCollege site.
Each submitted analysis should be roughly two-to-three pages in length.
Students may earn up to 20 points for each Strategic Analysis submitted.
I do not expect students to prepare all seven scheduled cases. As a rule of thumb, students should anticipate completing at least three company analyses. See the guidelines for assessment of participation in the table below.
Completion of survey questions this semester, part of an assessment of group work and team behaviors, can take the place of one written analysis in your participation grade. The surveys will be discussed in more depth at the beginning of our course.

Read case #12 (page C-163) in the textbook on Pfizer. Please submit your Strategic Analysis for participation points to this folder; please see the guidelines in the Syllabus.