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Research Paper Assignment

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate correct research and documentation skills, critical thinking skills, outlining skills, and thesis development through the use of examples and outside sources.


Minimum 5 pages. The research paper must be a minimum of five full pages. Points will be deducted for papers that do not meet the minimum requirement.

the research paper must follow MLA format. This will be a substantial portion of the overall grade. Be extra careful to produce proper format style as well as proper documentation methods.

There must be a minimum of five outside sources (the rule is that the amount of sources should match the amount of pages). Each source must have proper in-text citations with proper punctuation. Points will be deducted for simple punctuation errors.

The research paper must use a variety of outside sources.

Quotations must be introduced or incorporated into a sentence. Do not drop a quotation into the text as a complete sentence. Points will be deducted for each dropped quotation.

A properly formatted Works Cited page is required. Errors in the Works Cited page will result in substantial point deductions.