Your speech must include and cite a minimum of three external sources of supporting material. Your goal in this speech is to enhance your audiences understanding of your topic through vivid, descriptive language and clear organization. You will need to blend your own knowledge with your research. You are expected to be an authoritative speaker on your topic, and a true authority knows how and when to include external source material.

Take care to cite your sources properly in your outline and your speech. Remember to include the author/title, publication, and date when citing the sources in the speech. Each source should have a matching reference in the Works Cited page, and each reference in the Works Cited page needs to belong to a source you cited in your speech. Your Works Cited page must conform to MLA standards. Choose a pattern of organization you feel will be most effective for this speech. Remember to prepare from the audiences perspective. Review the functions of the introduction and conclusion. In particular, begin your speech with a compelling attention-getter; dont just state your topic or introduce yourself. End strong; dont fade away or say, Thats it.

has to written in an outline

where it has intro , the main points, cuclusion and so on