Spanish Flu

Your research paper must:
Be a minimum of 1500 words long (approximately 5 pages without images and Works Cited) and follow the MLA citation style.
Include two images or figures (i.e., photos, charts, artistic renderings) related to the topic.
Use between 4 and 6 sources. Only two of these may be .com sources.
Include a Works Cited page.
Include PDF Copies or Internet Links for all of your Sources.
Be typed in 12-point font with 1-inch margins.
Evidence of all the research assignments leading up to the final paper (including your research proposal, annotated bibliography, and first draft). I will not accept research papers that have not been preceded by these preliminary assignments.

However, you should only use these Sources, nowhere else: Editors. Spanish Flu., A&E Television Networks, 19 May 2020,

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