Sororities /Fraternities Hazing

Explain how these groups are able to form and strive
Prevalence statistics which explain the number of incidences or number of groups in existence
Learn the above terms and locate information which supports the concepts and how they relate to the social issue of the group you have chosen. Please understand that when you research the social issue, sources may not clearly state how each concept relates to your particular group. You will have to know how to use the concepts to support your topic.

The body of the paper must consist of 1100-1500 words – not including the cover page, abstract, and references page. It must have 1-inch margins, doubled-spaced, and Calibri, 12-point font. It must also adhere to the American Psychological Association 6th edition manual formatting. The manual is located in the library. It must also include 3 scholarly sources from the EBSCOhost database. Each concept must be defined.